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Drain Repair Services in Lansing, MI, and Surrounding Areas

Your sewer system is expansive and complex, with some of the pipes stretching far beneath the ground. So what happens when one of those pipes fails to drain or has another issue? Veteran Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Lansing MI can help with our drain repair services. We work in Lansing, MI, and the surrounding towns, including Mason and East Lansing. Contact our team today.


What Does Drain Repair Involve?


Even though your underground pipes are out of sight, they won’t always stay out of mind. These pipes can corrode if they’re metal, and they can break if they’re plastic. Plus, tree roots can slowly grow into them, sensing the water and nutrients from the wastewater, and form cracks while they grow. When this happens, you need our drain repair services.

First, we’ll use cameras to inspect the pipe so that we can find the issue. Once we know exactly where the pipe is broken, we can use our equipment to dig down and excavate the pipe. We have the skills to repair the pipe, replace that part of the pipe, or totally replace all of the piping, depending on how severe the issue is.

After we’ve completed the repairs, our team will carefully fill in the hole again, covering your pipes from view. Our goal is to make your landscape look exactly like it did before we arrived. So whenever you have underground pipe issues, you can rely on us for repairs.

Why Do We Stand Out From the Crowd?


Veteran Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Lansing MI stands out because of our extensive experience in this industry. We’ve served the residents of Lansing, MI, with their plumbing needs since 1950; that’s over 70 years of experience! We’re completely dedicated to each of our customers, and we guarantee that our prices are fair.

Our team is licensed, honest, and hard-working, so if you need drain repair of any kind, contact us today at 517-484-9027.

Dig & Repair Lansing MI


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